7 On-The-Go Social Media Tools You Should Be Using

Travis Walser

Managing social media for your church, organization, or brand can often be time-consuming.


A desktop computer can’t be taken out of the office, and there isn’t always a good opportunity to break out your laptop. Your mobile device is often the go-to for posting and managing content and with the right tools it can be rock star in your social media arsenal!


Here are 7 on-the-go social media tools you can use right now to effectively manage your content on the go!

1. Buffer

Buffer is a great tool for managing multiple social media accounts, both alone and with teams! The free version is actually quite robust, in what you’re capable of doing scheduling wise, but the paid version is absolute magic. The price for the paid version has dropped dramatically as well. With features that allow user to submit content for review, and the addition of several new types of social media platforms, Buffer is a powerhouse when it comes to managing your social content while out and about!


buffer-iconLearn more about Buffer App here.


2. Over (or another simple image editor like Canva)

Over is by far one of my favorite apps for putting text over images. It takes a little finessing to get used to but it’s simple and compact nature allow you have all sort of fun with word over text content. The free version has daily typographic artwork for those who lack hand-lettering skills, as well as daily downloads from unsplash.com. There are several other great tools out there, and any of them will work. While Canva and Over are not as powerful as Photoshop, they are helpful and simple when it comes to quick manipulation of an image that you need to get on social media fast!


over-app-icon Learn more about Over App here.

3. Evernote & IFTTT

I put these two in a combination together for a very important reason – FORMULAS!!! I have several formulas set up with Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms that allows me to catalogue all sorts of content into different lists in Evernote to review later. It basically logs and catalogs everything I’d be interested in on a daily basis. It helps me manage things such as my favorite posts, interesting ideas I may want to retweet, industry news, my favorite followers, and educational videos that I may use for my own content later. It’s the best on-the-go organizational tool combination out there.

Learn more about Evernote App here.

Learn more about IFTTT App here.


4. Flipboard (or a similar RSS feed for blog content)

Flipboard and other similar tools help me keep up with industry standard blogs and interesting content in the mainstream of things. While I use Twitter this way as well, Flipboard is there when I just want to browse articles without the comments and remarks found in social feeds. I use several platforms like this on my phone that really help me to flesh out and find important up-to-date content that I may want to share with people.

Learn more about Flipboard App here.


5. Adobe Clip

Adobe clip is my favorite video clip editor! It has some great features that can allow me to mesh together several video files at once seemlessly. It’s simple and easy to use interface may mean a little more frontside planning as far as video shooting, but getting a quick video on social media has never been easier for me. It allows pulling from the iTunes library for music and can also fade the volume in and out based on when you’re speaking allowing for easy soundtracking.

Learn more about Adobe Clip App here.

6. Adobe Lightroom

Quick and simple photo editing that just can’t be beat in my opinion. Almost everyone on our team that does photography uses it. If you’re looking for simple, fast, and powerful on-the-road photo editing, Lightroom is the place to look. Nothing else quite compares.

Learn more about Adobe Lightroom App here.


7. Asana Mobile

If you’re managing social media volunteers or your staffs priorities for the week, Asana has a great mobile tool that can help you keep track of what needs to be done and when. We use it often, and it’s ability to split a task into multiple subtasks that need to be handled, as well as some new workflow features help us stay on track with planning and executing our strategy. I highly recommend Asana for productivity and workflow tracking, both in the office and on-the-go.

Learn more about Asana Mobile App here.

Those are just a few but definitely some of the most useful tools that I use while I’m not physically in the office, both personally and professionally. Add these to your social media toolbox and you’ll be well on your way to managing your platforms and team like a pro!

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Since Travis began a relationship with Christ at the age of 16, he has served as a Worship Leader, Event Coordinator, Ministry Director, and public speaker. He currently serves as a Graphic Designer at Olive Baptist Church, one of the largest churches in the Florida panhandle. Travis has a passion for developing the next generation of creative leaders and maintaining the relevance of the church in today’s visual media. In his free time he also enjoys dabbling in other forms of visual media including video production and effects, as well as web design.

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