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Supercharge your student ministry with dynamic multimedia resources, including games, videos, and graphics designed to help you effectively communicate timeless truths in contemporary language. Churches can address the unique challenges and questions that today’s teenagers face with creative visual media.

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Youth Group Games to Energize Your Student Ministry

Youth ministry games aren’t just for fun (even though they do make for a great time)! Games are a powerful way to make students feel comfortable, build friendships and reinforce spiritual lessons.

Break the Ice

Icebreaker games for youth ministry can create a positive and welcoming environment for your new students and regulars alike. Invite laughter and friendly competition with youth group icebreaker games.

Build Community & Belonging

Youth ministry group games create a relaxed, casual environment for students to interact with each other and make new connections. Whether you have a small or large group, games provide intentional opportunities for teens to build friendships with their peers and find a place to belong within your church community.

Facilitate Learning

Games for youth groups offer a dynamic way to support the biblical lessons you’re teaching. Trivia challenges and cooperative activities can be tools to create deeper connections and applications.

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Download youth ministry games from our extensive collection. Browse all student games.

Leverage Videos for Youth Ministry to Help Students Engage with Their Faith

Youth ministries play a pivotal role in nurturing the spiritual growth of middle and high schoolers within the church community. It’s critical that we utilize effective communication methods to speak directly to teenagers in a way that feels relevant to them. With the domination of social media today, videos are core to communication. Incorporate video into your youth ministry strategy to speak the language of students.


From a countdown video welcoming students to Wednesday night services to a funny sermon bumper video, immersive youth group videos can grab attention and convey important teachings in a relatable way.


Youth group video lessons are an effective tool for sharing complex ideas and biblical truths in a familiar medium. Our collection of mini-movies and sermon illustration videos can support your youth group sermons.


Christian videos for youth groups have the power to inspire your young audiences when they feel authentic and true. Our worship videos use powerful music and lyrics to foster deeper engagement and creative expression.

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Explore some of our favorite church videos for youth, including worship videos, sermon bumpers, countdowns, motion backgrounds, and mini-movies. You can also browse our entire collection of youth church videos for students.

Youth Ministry Graphics

We have hundreds of youth ministry graphics to create a visually compelling atmosphere that prompts students to actively engage. Browse our huge collection of youth group graphics. Plus, we even offer free youth ministry graphics when you create a free Church Visuals account.

Browse Theme Packs & Social Media Content

Theme packs are collections of coordinated visual media, including motion backgrounds, countdowns, social media graphics, and more. It’s everything youth leaders need to promote and connect in one package!

Church Visuals for Every Youth Ministry Occasion


Build enthusiasm from the start with interactive countdown videos before your service.

All Youth Countdowns


Have fun while you build community and teach through youth group games.

All Youth Games


Short, compelling videos that work as openers or transition elements for youth worship and events.

All Youth Mini-Movies

Ministry Graphics

Slide templates and social media graphics for youth sermon series, announcements and events.

All Youth Graphics

Sermon Series Media

Complete youth sermon series packages with graphics, bumpers and more to complement your message.

All youth series media

Sermon Bumpers

Short videos to seamlessly transition to the message during your youth services.

All Youth Sermon Bumpers

Social Media

Customizable social media graphics and videos to promote your youth group programming.

All Youth Social MEdia

Theme Packs

Matching media collections to enhance your youth group experience for holidays, special events or any service.

All youth theme packs

Worship Videos

Top worship songs with dynamic motion graphics and lyrics.

All youth worship videos

Our youth church media is easy to customize.

If you want to adjust the media in our collection to fit your requirements, we’ve got you covered! Each pre-made graphic includes the original design files that can be modified in Photoshop or Canva to fit your student ministry’s unique needs.

Design source files are included.

Modify any graphic with the layered, editable Photoshop source files provided with all downloads.

Graphics are Canva-ready.

Pull your graphics into Canva to quickly and easily add or edit text to fit your youth ministry.

Editable layers make updates quick.

The source files are clearly organized so that you can tweak your own graphics, even if you’re not a graphic designer.

“The quality of content is the best I’ve ever seen from companies who provide pre-made content. It is very easy to fit the content into your services or use the series media content to plan your upcoming series. I’ve been using the content for youth ministry and for our recently launched church plant. It’s refreshing to work with companies that see the big picture and want you to succeed as a ministry.”

Andre Anderson

Church Planter, Student Ministry Veteran

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Youth Ministry Media Training

Learn from other youth ministry experts with our training resources. We have podcasts, articles, courses and webinars with practical support for leveraging visual media with your youth ministry.

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Need custom youth group videos and graphics?

Don’t have a creative team? Or maybe your in-house team is overloaded? Church Visuals to the rescue! Our graphic design and video production team members are experts in helping youth leaders effectively communicate through visual media. Learn more about our custom graphic design and video services for student ministries.

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