How to Use Motion Announcements

Carl Barnhill

There are a few ways that you can present your Pre and Post Service Announcements. This is the content on screen as people enter and exit your Auditorium or your Livestream.

I covered 5 unique ways you can execute your Pre and Post Service Announcements in this blog post.

In this article, I want to focus more in-depth on how use what we call Motion Announcements.

Motion Announcements are short self-contained videos. They are usually produced by a Motion Designer (check out samples of Motion Announcements our team has made for churches here). These videos are individual videos that you can add or remove as needed in your Presentation Software.

Here are some examples.

I’m a Motion Designer. I love making things come to life, so I am going to lean more toward this style of Announcement over a Still Slide.

Here are three reasons why I think you should consider using Motion Announcements in your Worship Experiences.


  • Announcement Slides are great, but they are static. We live in a video culture. A moving video grabs your eye and attention faster than a still image.
  • Stats show that Video drives nearly double the amount of clicks and engagements on Social Media than images. (Source)
  • Stats also show that Hybrid Church (Physical and Digital Experiences) are the future (Source) – and it doesn’t look like that trend is slowing any time soon. 
  • What All this Means – Video Video Video! Find ways to use Video Content in your Physical and Digital Worship Experiences.


  • Video will grab the eye of your attendees faster than a Still Slide. Think about it – on your Announcement Loop, you are quicker to look at the screen if there is moving picture to look at. If its static, you’re going to disengage faster.
  • With research showing that the attention span of attendees, especially for Digital Worship Experiences is increasing low, you’ll want to do everything you can to make your service engaging. Motion Announcements can help them watch something more interesting than a static image.


  • Stats from Barna show that there is in fact a difference between a “watcher” and an “attender
    • Watchers could be multi-tasking while your Worship Experience is on their TV – they could be washing the dishes, tending to their kids, folding clothes, playing on their phone…
    • An Attender is interactively engaging in your Experience. So, we need to find ways to create content that makes the Experience participatory. Use media content that engages and makes your audience members do something tactical.
      • Meaning = If they are already playing on their phone… 
        • Why not have a Motion Announcement that suggest they text a number to download the Sermon Notes for the day?
        • Why not give them a link to Parent Resources they can download for their kids?
        • Consider having Motion Announcements that are games or puzzles about the topic of the day.
  • Motion Announcements are also Versatile.
    • You can use them outside of your Worship Experience as…
      • Stand-Alone video content for your Social Media Channels.
      • Content for your Lobby TVs in your church building.
      • Content on your Website or on your Church Online page.

The ball game has changed people! Motion Announcements are just one new way that we can create Media content that will reach people with the Gospel.

If you need help making these for your church, our team is here for you.

Call Us at 910-849-1230 or contact us.

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