The Great Adventure: An Exclusive Interview with Steven Curtis Chapman

Carl Barnhill

Okay, I got to be honest here. I have a man-crush on Steven Curtis Chapman.

For me, he ranks between Ben Shapiro and Mike Rowe (the host of Dirty Jobs) on my man-crush meter.

I started my career years ago in radio, so I’ve had the privilege of interviewing a number of Christian music artists and others, many have which have been gracious to let me interview them again on The Church Media Podcast. I’ve served at conventions and met lots of great people, some well known, some obscure.

But Steven, I was nervous about. I grew up in a Christian home and have listened to his music for literally 25 years at least. He is one of the only Christian artists I’ve followed for their entire career. I actually have memories of where I was at points in my life with his music. Fanboy? Probably guilty.

I had to ask myself, why? Why are you nervous about this one?

I think it’s because I deeply respect and appreciate authenticity, humility and heart. And those qualities burst from Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. His family has shared their lives with us, we’ve cried with them, we resonate with his songs and his music.

From “My Redeemer is Faithful and True”, “The Great Adventure”, “Dive”, “Speechless”, “Live Out Loud”, “I Will Be Here”, “Cinderella” and countless others, Steven Curtis Chapman’s songs are knitted deep in the fabric of many believers over the last 30 years.

Let’s learn from this worshipper how to stay faithful through the ups and downs. Through the mountains and valleys. As there truly is more to this life.

This interview was special for me and I hope you’ll be encouraged as well.

Take a listen below to my full interview with Steven Curtis Chapman.

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