NOT MY TYPE: 10 Overused Fonts and Why you should Never Use Them. (Part 2)

Carl Barnhill

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Here’s a list of 5 more fonts you should never use and why:

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06. Curlz MT

Curlz was originally designed by Carl Corssgrove and Steve Matteson in 1995. It was added to the default Windows fonts and was originally created to be used on Party invitations. Curlz had a similar fate like that of Comic Sans – it became so popular, so quickly that people got sick and tired of it. Designers commonly agree that this font has legibility problems, and is considered overused and amateurish. Encourage your women’s ministries, children’s ministries, and teams to not use this font.
Alternative Font Choice: French Vanilla (

07. Mistral

Mistral is a script typeface that has bad proportions. The letters don’t fit together very well, and its hard to read in most settings. It was designed by Roger Excoffon and released in 1953. It has been used in popular culture in several places, such as for the title of the 1983 movie “Flashdance”, as the font title for the 1980s sitcom “Night Court”, as the font for the 2011 movie “Drive”, and the logo type for Sandals resorts. However, it is rarely used in the design industry and commonly considered an “ugly” font.
Alternative Font Choice: Lavanderia (

08. Kristen ITC

Kristen ITC is similar to Comic Sans and is seen in the industry about the same way. It was designed for the International Typeface Corporation by George Ryan. It was inspired by a handwritten menu at a Cambridge, Massachusetts restaurant. A TrueType version of Kristen ITC is shipped with Microsoft Publisher 2000. It looks too much like Comic Sans. Its a good idea to stay away from it.
Alternative Font Choice: Amazgoda (

09. Broadway

Broadway was originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1927 with the intent of only being used for capital letters. It has been used to evoke the feeling of the twenties and thirties. It is considered ugly, and plainly just not used by experienced graphic designers.
Alternative Font Choice: Wisdom Script (

10. Scriptina

Scriptina is a script font that is hard to read as it contains crowded loops and poorly spaced whirls. It’s huge loops make kerning and spacing difficult, making this font only really useful with a limited number of words or arrangements. There are so many more script options on the market that experienced graphic designers use. There are a few exceptions on this font. But unless you are a Graphic Designer by trade, we suggest you stay away from this one.
Alternative Font Choice: Lobster Two (

This list is not exhaustive. Most all default fonts that come with your Windows or Mac system are widely overused. Its best to watch major television networks or large churches and take notes on their font choices and how they arrange their fonts. We should also note again that this list is subjective, there is dispute over some of the fonts we have listed. We’ve pulled our data from our experience with graphic and motion designers, artists, blogs, and just plain industry awareness. Again, watch what the pros are doing, see the trends, google search for phrases like “popular fonts used by graphic designers”. Hopefully, this list will prevent your ministry designs from looking ‘amateurish’ and will help you move to the ‘next level’ in creating awesome experiences for your people.

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Weigh in! What fonts do you think should never be used for lyrics, or any designs at your church?

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