Though our teams should strive to be Unapologetically Excellent (read our post entitled “Excellence vs. Perfection” here), the ‘Win of the Day’ is not that your volunteers pushed every button correctly and had a technically flawless service. The ‘Win’ is seeing people encounter Jesus.

You must cast vision to your team that everything stems from this. Everything.

The ‘Win’ is creating an environment where lost people hear the gospel and surrender their lives to Christ, and where you see people take their next steps in baptism, membership in your church, and growing in their relationship with Jesus. 

If your volunteers do not have a heart to see lost people saved and believers growing in their faith, they should not be on your production team.

What this means practically is that you can’t lose sight of The Win.
Do your services need to be excellent? Yes.
We, together, can change the face of media in the church as we strive to be excellent in our craft. However, if our drive for excellence overpowers our drive for people to encounter Jesus in our worship services, then we need a spiritual adjustment.

We must cast vision to our teams to be excellent AND see people encounter Jesus at every service.
We must lead our teams to both goals at the same time.

Love your team. Show them how to be excellent, but don’t lose sight of The Win.

What are some practical ways that you can encourage your team to not lose sight of The Win?

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