The Blackbar Podcast | Season 2 | Episode 4

How to Make MORE Church Ads That Don’t Suck (Again)

Show Notes

Throwing back to Blackbar‘s very first video on church marketing, the guys add a few fresh tips that they’ve learned over the years about how to best create church ads that are genuinely effective. They talk about How to Make MORE Church Ads That Don’t Suck (Again).

In this episode, Pastor Sharayah Bishop, the creative arts and worship leader at Lifehouse Church, joins the discussion. Together, they explore the vital aspect of creating filters within a church context to align music choices with Scriptural principles.

Transitioning from music discussions, Caleb offers practical tips on effectively choosing and leveraging fonts for creative projects. His insights provide actionable guidance for optimizing font usage in various design endeavors.

Check out the video that inspired today’s main topic – “How to Make Church Ads That Don’t Suck”:    • How to Make Church Ads That Don’t Suck  

You can check out Pastor Sharayah’s harmony & tutorial channel at Lifehouse Creative:    / @ucqkl6omjc8-pguvhcd69roq  



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