The Kidmin Tribe Podcast | Episode 002

Discipling Kids in Worship with Yancy

Show Notes


This week on the show, our guest is Yancy! Yancy has been in Children’s ministries since she was born! She has been writing, producing, and leading kids in worship for many years. Before she started Kids music she wrote music for some of Christian Music’s most well loved artists. In 2021 she won a dove for “Ready, Set, Go” one of her newest Little Praise Party projects.  Her music is being used in churches in 167 countries. Yancy is also an author and recently released her first book Sweet Sound: The Power of Discipling Kids in Worship. 

We are so excited to have Yancy on the show today. We love her heart and what God has been speaking to her about Discipling our kids in worship. We are going to dig into what it looks like to Disciple Kids in Worship. This week could change your perspective on worship and how you disciple kids in your ministry. Don’t miss a single moment!

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