The Kidmin Tribe Podcast | Episode 023

Creative Ways to Teach Scripture with Jason Houser

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Here on the Kidmin Tribe podcast we are all about transforming kids worship experiences. And an important aspect of that is how we can creatively teach kids the Word of God. And we’re not talking about just memorizing and reciting it, but how can they apply it to their lives. It’s one of the keys to raising strong disciples. 

Today we have Jason Houser who founded Seeds Family Worship over 18yrs ago. He’s led teams in creating over 200 Scripture worship songs and videos to help kids and parents to sing God’s Word. And they found that when this happens, they see that God’s Word goes down deep and children are able to recall words and meanings and it really is life changing.

He’s co-written some well known CCM songs such as Broken Things and Emotions, an even co-wrote a book a parenting discipleship book called Dedicated with Bobby and Chad Harrington. This guy is an expert on teaching kids God’s Word. We can’t wait for you to hear what he’s god to say.


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