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10 Faith-Based Films Your Team Should See (Part One)

Show Notes

Show Notes:

Part of you pastoring your people first, is providing them with positive, productive content – whether that be prayer requests, encouragement, books, devotionals, movies, and more. I want you to have stuff to share with your team. In this episode, I want to share 10 faith-based movies that I believe are worth seeing and sharing with your team. I’m going to give you 5 this week and 5 next week. We’ve packed some interview clips that we’ve done with some of the actors, directors, producers and other crew involved in the 10 films I’m going to mention.

From the award-winning team behind Fireproof and CourageousWar Room, is a compelling drama with humor and heart that explores the power that prayer can have on marriages, parenting, careers, friendships, and every other area of our lives. When the movie was in theaters last year, I spoke with TC Stallings who plays Tony Jordan in the movie.


You can check out my Full Exclusive Interview with T.C. here.
You can purchase War Room for your team here.


Movie #2 is “Princess Cut”. This one is a great film especially for the ladies on your team. its definitely a chick flick. Its a romance movie and drama about a Carolina farm girl named Grace who launches on a quest to understand what it means to truly love another person. The star of the film, Ashley Bratcher, is a author on our blog and a friend of mine. I interviewed her last year when the movie was in theaters nationwide.


You can check out my Full Exclusive Interview with Ashley here.
You can purchase Princess Cut for your team here.

ACTING FOR GOD. Interview Image

The third movie on my list is a movie called Adrenaline. This is a movie in the vain of Fast and Furious about the world of drag racing. It’s about a driver who’s world gets turned upside down when a near fatal crash leaves him semi-parapeligic. He struggles to walk, to trust, and to race again. The movie was a labor of love for Executive Producer and actress Irene Santiago. I spoke to her recently about bringing the film to the screen.


You can check out my Full Exclusive Interview with Irene here.
You can purchase Adrenaline for your team here.

AUDACITY. In Page Image

Movie #4 is a movie you can watch for free in its entirety online and share it with your team and your friends. It’s called Audacity. The movie comes from Executive Producer and author Ray Comfort. It’s about the controversial topic of homosexuality and how a Christian responds to his friends and co-workers about this issue. I talked with Ray when the movie came out, about the story, the characters, and the need for a film like this.


WOODLAWN. In Page Image 2

The last movie I’m giving you this week for your production team to see is Woodlawn. It’s about how gifted high school football player Tony Nathan, and how he must learn to embrace his talent and his faith as he battles racial tensions on and off the field. It’s a powerful film set in Birmingham, AL in the 1970s. I spoke with producer Kevin Downes a few weeks ago on the podcast about the film. This week, I thought I’d share an interview with Jon Voight on his character of iconic football coach Paul Bear Bryant.



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