Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill | Season 1 | Episode 24

How to Use Ready-Made Visuals in your Kids and Student Ministry

Show Notes

We’re back for more of the Your Visuals Matter Podcast. In this episode we’re talking specifically about How to use Ready-Made visuals in your Kids and Student Ministry.

Our host Carl, with Sheik Mozart, as his co-host, have a conversation with Jodie Slongo. Jodie is a kids director who uses visuals extensively. She shares how visuals engage kids, create community, and bring lessons to life. Also, she highlights the importance of moving graphics, games, and worship videos featuring current music. She advises searching by keywords on Church Visuals and varying visuals to sustain engagement.

Our team also chats with student pastor, Andre Anderson, who emphasizes the need for high-quality visuals. Students constantly scroll through professionally produced content. So churches must provide visuals that grab and hold students’ attention.

Additionally, Andre suggests looking through Church Visuals’ library for sermon series ideas and visual aids. He outlines his process for developing sermons from mini-movies or motion graphics. Furthermore, he stresses backing main points with scripture and providing real-life applications.

In conclusion, Jody and Andre affirm that compelling visuals matter immensely. They connect kids and students to the gospel message. With students’ decreasing attention spans, churches must continuously improve visual quality. Ultimately they show us how to use Ready-Made visuals in your Kids and Student Ministry.



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Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill is a weekly podcast for ministry leaders who want to use the power of visual media to effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We cover how to incorporate church graphics and video into your church or ministry. From creativity in the Church to how to choose and use your presentation software and more.

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