Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill | Season 1 | Episode 2

The History of Creativity in the Church

Show Notes

The History of creativity in the church is what this episode is all about. We are continuing with a foundation of what we are building. In the last episode we looked at how the Bible visually communicates the Gospel.

This time, we are going to journey through time from Biblical History to Church History. We’re going to look at some of the most influential, creative people throughout the history of the Church.

On this episode you’ll see a powerful message from church media veteran Gary Molander on the history of creativity in the church.

Carl also chats with Phil Bowdle. Phil is the Vice President of Marketing at the Slingshot Group. He is also the author of Rethink Communication. Phil has some great insight into the Church now and the future of creativity in the Church.

Long before the culture we live in today of motion loops, mini-movies and graphics, the Early Church for 2000 years has been telling the story of Jesus in creative ways.

And we get to continue to tell this great story.

Jesus is the Way.

So the question becomes: how can we learn from the history of Creativity in the Church to creatively and visually communicate the Gospel?

We’ll be hearing from two guests in this episode. First, we’ll start things off with Gary Molander, we’ll see an 8min talk that was previously recorded at Salt conference. Secondly we have a conversation with Phil Bowdle, author and vice president of marketing at the Slingshot Group.



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