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What makes a church a church? There is certain DNA that has become synonymous with the body of Christ. The church is a gathering of people who are full of joy. The church is a gathering of people who make decisions to serve others. The church is a gathering of people who love Jesus with their whole hearts. The church is a congregation of people who are of one mind in the midst of their differences. It’s in their blood. This 4-week series is a perfect series to help your group be the Church.

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What's Included

Video Content

Series Trailer (Two Weeks)
Series Trailer (Next Week)
Sermon Bumper
5-Minute Countdown
Title Motion
Welcome Motion
Closing Motion
Scripture Motion
Worship Background 01
Worship Background 02
Worship Background 03

Title Graphics

Photoshop Design file
Title Still
Welcome Still
Closing Still
Scripture Still
Teaching Still 01
Teaching Still 02
Teaching Still 03

Social Media Content

Title Social Square
Web Banner
Facebook Cover
Twitter Cover

Bonus Content

Teaching Outline
Postcard Design
Bulletin Cover