4 Easy Ways to Prepare your Kidmin Volunteers for Sunday

Carl Barnhill

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Kids Ministry at every church I know of.

I believe if your volunteers are informed and prepared going into Sunday or serving anytime, they feel more ownership and more invested in the mission of what you are trying to accomplish as the leader of your team.

Let me give you 5 quick, practical ways you can prepare your Volunteers for serving this Sunday.

I would implement these ideas through E-Mail and Text Messaging.

You can set up a Group Text Thread or use a Messaging System like Slack or Band so that folks can like it or respond so you can encourage participation.


1: Send them the Sunday Service Flow

  • Make sure your volunteers have a clear timeline of the upcoming Sunday’s schedule. This can easily be done if you use Planning Center. Be sure to either link to your Planning Center Service or export a PDF from Planning Center and send this in an Email or Group Text – or both.

  • Make sure they have access or links to all the Songs, Videos, or Curriculum you might be teaching on Sunday.

  • You might consider adding specific notes on each element of the service. I would give a couple of sentences detailing each element.

  • Giving them notes during the week allowed your volunteers to live with the content during the week like you are.

  • I would provide this every single week to your team.


2: Provide a List of which Volunteers are Serving this Sunday

  • This could also easily be found in your Planning Center link if you need, but you might highlight

      • “Team 1 is serving this week!”

  • Putting this in front of your team each week via E-Mail or Text is a gentle reminder of the system or schedule you have in place.

  • Volunteers are busy, so taking the initiative as the Leader to remind them which team they are on or who they are serving with will help them keep up with your plan.

  • You might also provide a link to any team rotation or upcoming schedule you might have to give a nod to what’s coming up.

      • “Team 1 is serving this Sunday”

      • “Team 2 is serving on Wednesday Night”

      • “Team 3 is serving next Sunday”

  • I would provide this every single week to your team.


3: Provide a Celebration Element

  • Be sure to celebrate with your team!

  • You might share a Life Change Story from your ministry, you might share a Church Stat

      • “15 people have been baptized this month at our church!”

      • “Let’s celebrate that 5th Grade Scarlett gave her life to Christ last week!”

  • You might share staff news, or you might share some type of praise going on in the life of one of your volunteers

      • “John’s birthday is coming up this Saturday. Happy Birthday John!”,

      • “We’re still doing sign ups for the Meal Train for the Smith’s who had their baby a couple of weeks ago! Sign Up here.”

  • Be involved and facilitate active community with your team.

  • I would provide this type of celebration connection once a week or a couple of times a month.


4: Provide an Encouragement or Tip

  • You might share an encouraging scripture or devotion.

  • You might encourage or praise a volunteer who you have seen improvement in recently

      • “Way to Brandon for the job you’re doing in the 3rd grade room! You’re crushing it man!”

  • Even though they are volunteers, we all want to improve in our roles, so you might provide quick tips or training resources for your team every now and then.

      • “Hey Team, I found this article helpful on Kids Worship. Check them out when you can.”

  • I would provide encouragement and tips when it feels natural, but at least once a month.

These are just some quick ideas to help you make sure your volunteers feel prepared and knowledgeable going into Sunday.

About Carl Barnhill

Owner, Church Visuals

Carl Barnhill is a creative entrepreneur, motion designer and author. He is the Owner of Church Visuals, a company that helps Ministry Leaders visually communicate the Gospel. He is the host of the Your Visuals Matter Podcast. You can find him in Columbia, South Carolina with his wife, Katie and two sons, Jacob and Wesley.

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