5 Social Media Content Ideas Every Church Can Use

Travis Walser

Coming up with engaging social media content can be a constant challenge.

Sometimes inspiration just doesn’t strike when we need it to. When that happens we need a few all-around solid ideas to fill out the weekly content schedule. You can create great content with nothing more than a background and some creative text layout. Grab a solid brand color or picture as your background. Find a few of your favorite fonts. Then kick it into high gear with these five content ideas that every church can use:


Every sermon can be a great source of content that your congregation can engage with. Not everyone that hears a sermon will take notes. Give them quick reminders of sermon highlights throughout the week using quotes. These short and intimate reminders of scriptural truths can help keep a sermon fresh all week long. You can take notes on a Sunday, or have a volunteer write down key points and highlights. This is a great and easy piece of content that you can make in only a few minutes.

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2. Pictures

Grab your iPhone or DSLR and snap a few pictures of key moments in your service this Sunday. Seeing a familiar face pop on your feed during the week can help people feel more connected. You could also focus on an intense moment of worship from the past Sunday, reminding and inspiring people to stay on mission during the week. Isolate and capture key points of your service, or focus on portraying key values while you snap away. If your focus as a church is building community, ask a few of your connection groups if you can sit in and grab a few quick shots. A picture is worth a thousand words after all. If you’re not talented with a camera, find a volunteer who has a talent for candid shots and move them into action.

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3. Stories

Meet and interact with new member on a regular basis, and try capturing some of their stories in video or short-story form. Combine these stories with photographs of the story owner during baptism or connection groups. Seeing real life stories of people coming to faith every week helps keep the church motivated to stay on mission. Stories are also relevant and thought provoking for those who are seeking out truth. They have the potential to be great prompts to seek out answers in scripture and ask questions about salvation and faith. There’s an added benefit for these new members as well. There’s an added benefit for new members as well. Telling their story helps to solidify the decision they’ve made. It also starts their journey off in a powerful way by witnessing to others.

4. Setlists

Sometimes you just want to know what’s coming on a Sunday morning! Sharing your worship team’s Sunday morning setlist is a great way to excite your congregation about what’s coming up. Engage them by asking who has a favorite song in the lineup this week, and watch the comments start rolling in!

5. ReContent

Don’t have any of this? Look around for great and inspiring content from others! There’s nothing wrong with sharing an inspiring quote, image, or story from another church. Be sure to vet the source and make sure it’s coming from someone you trust. Don’t be afraid to look to your congregation for great content as well. Run a slide on Sunday Mornings and ask them to post their favorite moments using tags or mentions. Reposting, Retweeting, and Sharing can be a great way to engage.

There you have it. Five easy ways you can create and develop great content on a weekly basis. Keep this in the mix with the unique content your create every week. I hope this helps you as you develop your weekly content schedule, and engage with your congregation!

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