Best Christmas Worship Videos for Kids

Carl Barnhill

These are some of the very best Christmas worship videos for kids all in one place. Whether you’re using them for kids church, or just want your kids to watch them at home, we know you’ll love these worship videos.

All of these songs and videos will help your church celebrate Jesus, who is the reason we celebrate Christmas. The story of His birth is one of the most significant events in human history. 

The fact that the son of God came down to earth, lived the perfect life, died on the cross, and rose again is truly humbling. Jesus deserves glory and praise for what He did, and we believe these videos will help you do just that.

There are 10 worship videos and 5 worship videos, all made to help your kids engage with God in worship. Alongside eight new songs from Seeds Family Worship, are two classic Christmas carols made for kids’ worship – all available in our Kids Media Library here.

Christmas is a great opportunity to share about the life we find in Jesus. We feel honored to be a small part of what you are doing to reach kids for Christ.

Lying In A Manger




Nothing Will Be Impossible


Silent Night


To The Ends of the Earth


We Still Bow Down


The Newborn King


Mary’s Song of Praise


A Holy Miracle




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