Custom Media Ideas for your Next Ministry Conference or Event

Carl Barnhill

Our team has become a leader in creating Custom Media for Conferences and Events. We’ve produced content for Awana, KidzMatter, That Church Conference,, Church Facilities Expo, Church Online Summit and more.

Let me give you several elements you can consider producing for the screens at your next conference or event.

Main Conference Design and Graphics:

You’ll want to start with a main design look for your conference. This design sets the stage for all graphics and video used at your conference to create a consistent brand.

Here is an example of Design Graphics we have produced:


Promo Video:

One of the first things you’ll want to think about producing is a Promotional Video to help promote your event. You can use this video on Social Media and on your Website to share with people all the important information about your event and create excitement.

Here are a couple of Conference Promotional Videos we have produced:


Opener Video:

This could be your Promo Video again just repurposed with new different text throughout the video. Openers are usually used for hype and energy at the beginning of your conference or at the beginning of a session.

Here is an example of Opener Video we have produced for conferences:


Speaker Intros:

Speaker intros can be very short:10-20 videos that introduce a Speaker to the stage. These are great also because it can be a transitional element to give stagehands time to reset the stage from a band to a speaker or other factors.

Here are some examples of Speaker Intros we have produced:


Title Motions or Logo Loops:

These are videos that seamlessly loop with no sound. These are animated loops of your conference Logo usually on screen during ‘down times’ or when nothing major is happening.

Here are some examples of Title Motions or Logo Loops we have produced:


Blank Motion Backgrounds:

These motion backgrounds leave empty space on the screen for lyrics, speaker points and other text.

Here are some examples of Blank Motion Backgrounds we have produced:


Lower Third Still and Animations:

Text overlays that appear at the bottom of the screen. These can be still graphics or Motion Graphics Animations that provide speaker names or other Lower Third text.

Here are some examples of Lower Third Still and Animations we have produced:


There are also other elements like Social Media Videos, Environmental Projection (graphics and moving video for your sets), and more than can be created for your conference or event to make it more engaging.

If you need help at your church or ministry having Conference Media created for you, we would love to help.


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