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We’ve had several requests over the last several months to post some of our most recent work to our blog. Well, we listen and here it is- our first Custom Media Roundup post. We’ll post about 5 of our latest custom projects on each post and give you who we produced the project for and how they used it. Hopefully this will inspire you to create amazing experiences at your church where you can use media to see people meet Jesus and grow in their relationship with him.

1. YOU ARE WORTHY: Song Support Video

Produced for:
Westover Church
Greensboro, North Carolina

We produced this piece as one full-length click-track video for Westover Church to air at their Easter Services. They showed the video as a full choir, band, and orchestra performed the song “You Are Worthy” live. We left black holes in the piece for them to intermix video content with IMAG camera shots. The result was spectacular.

Here are the three video components of the piece:




We also reworked this piece into a Worship Media Mini-Movie called “THREE DAYS LATER”. Literally hundreds of churches around the world used this video on Easter Sunday. This mini-movie became our #1 top-seller and sky-rocketed the best-seller lists on, and online media outlets. It is truly an honor and a privilege to get to minister to our partner churches. We are so grateful that you use our products to enhance your worship experiences.


2. WERE YOU THERE: Song Support Video

Produced for:
Blackshear Place Baptist Church
Flowery Branch, Georgia

We produced this as a full-length song support video for Blackshear Place Baptist to air at their Easter services. The video accompanied a live choir, band, and orchestra. We produced two versions of the piece. One that included clips of ‘The Passion of the Christ’ and one without.


‘NATURE’ Version: 

3. BLACKSHEAR BAPTIST: Logo Animations

Produced for:
Blackshear Place Baptist Church
Flowery Branch, Georgia

We produced these Logo Animations for Blackshear Place Baptist to use in their in-house media elements and on their website.

4. EASTER: Message Series Package

Produced for:
Creative Church Staffing

We produced these elements in partnership with Creative Church Staffing. You can purchase this Series package here.

5. BUILD AND BRIDGE: Promotional Piece

Produced for:
Build and Bridge
A non-profit organization dedicated to creating a sustainable Haiti.

We produced this promotional piece and this Motion Background for the non-profit organization “Build and Bridge”. They work in the country of Haiti, building relationships and offering humanitarian aid to citizens in need.

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