Renewed Vision Releases BETA Version of ProPresenter 6

Carl Barnhill

Renewed Vision just released a BETA Version of their presentation software ProPresenter. It is the presentation software I recommend to churches and organizations across the country.

It’s packed with great new features that will make your life easier.

Check out some of the new features:

Editing Tools

Slide Element Transitions: 
A significant new addition to ProPresenter 6 is the ability to apply transitions to individual objects. ProPresenter 5 offered transitions between slide, but now this is extended to any element on the slide. Each object can use a different transition, and you can specify a “Build In” transition as well as a “Build Out” transition.


HTML5 Support/Web Object as Slide Element

ProPresenter’s Web View is a great tool for showing a live website on the ProPresenter Output. Now, in ProPresenter 6 you can add any web element directly to a slide.


ProPresenter 6 now has a scrolling text ticker object available for slides. Adding a ticker object to a slide allows you to display scrolling text from a variety of sources directly on a slide.


Soft Loop
Have you ever needed to loop a video that wasn’t designed as a looping video? The new “Soft Loop” for videos allows you to use any video in a looping scenario. When the video nears the end, it will crossfade to the beginning of the same video, creating a clean loop on a video that otherwise wouldn’t loop.


Other New Editing Features Include:
Bezier Line Tool
Reflow 2.0
Slide Element Cropping/Zooming
Editor Alignment Guides
Auto Save
Copy/Paste Graphics from Other Apps
Resize Font to Fit Text Box

Operation Tools

Ever want your service to begin at exactly the right moment? Pro6 can help make that happen automatically with multiple start times and dates in it’s new Scheduler tool.


Nursery Calls from Web/iOS
ProPresenter’s Messages function has always made it quick and easy to display messages on screen, especially “Nursery” calls or alerts. In ProPresenter 6, remote users (for example, in the Nursery) can now remotely enter a Message and have it submitted to the ProPresenter operator to be displayed.


Apply Transition to Multiple Clips at the Same Time
ProPresenter 6 now saves you lots of time by adding the ability to apply transitions to multiple Video/Image Bin items at the same time. Just hold down command to select all of the items you would like to apply a transition to, right click on one of the items and select “Transitions…”. The transition you select will be applied to each of the items.


Other New Operation Features Include:
Note in Contigious View
Timer Cues
Go to “X” after Clip
Media Bin Keyword Tagging
Audio Bin Enhancements
Playlist Headers
Unlimited Clocks

The new version also includes enhancements in its
Planning Center Integration
Stage Display (including Video!)
Social Media
and Exporting!

It’s power-packed with new features. I would suggest you wait until the version is fully released and a few of the initial bugs are worked out before you purchase, but hopefully this gives you an idea of what’s coming!


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