Tips for Recruiting Lasting Servants

Dan Bracken

At most churches, the media team is a really accessible entry-point into the world of “serving.”

I’ve found that several of our weekend tasks are easy enough for a 7th grader. Several of our students have progressed to careers in media, having been inspired by their experience with our team, and others have simply exposed themselves to a rhythm of servitude and moved on to other areas of more exact giftedness (is that a nice way to say it?). But what any Church Media Director really wants are a handful of reliable and talented people who will be on the media team until they die.

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Here are a few tips for recruiting longtime committed media team servants:

1. Look for those full of the spirit and wisdom.

You can only share with other people what you are “full of”. Those that serve out of the spirit have more to give than those that don’t. Wisdom is the ability to lead within a contentious culture. They build cohesion, are level-headed and have good boundaries. The choosing of the Seven in Acts 6:1-7 is a good example to read through. Your ministry, in the hands of the right people, will increase in number.

2. Look for those capable and willing.

King David was not the pick of the litter. But in the book of Psalms (78:72) we learn of two qualities that David possessed: Skill of hand and Integrity of heart. Your long-timers should be (in the least) capable of being trained in media, and be of great character. They will show up determined (and without reminders), always be on-time, and give overtime without pay.

3. Look for availability first, and ability later.

Expanding on the word “capable”. Obviously, they will have a task to perform. If they’re not operating within their strengths, you’ll find that out soon enough. Everybody is equally important to God… just not equally strategic. If their stance from the beginning is “God use me”, you’re in good shape. And there’s good news… ability can be taught.

Which leaves 2 things every church media director should do:
1. TRAIN your team.
2. PRAY for your team.

Your long-time servants will stay for two reasons: Responsibility and Relationships.

Strip one of those two things and you’ll have a steadily rotating door. (EXTRA TIP: The ones that need to leave will leave for the same reasons)

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Dan graduated from Asbury College in 2006 with a degree in media communication. A few months later, he joined the staff of Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, OH as a graphic design intern. After learning a thing or two over the years, Dan is now Senior Media Producer and leads a team of 80 unpaid media servants. Through his incredible creative ability, God has used him to change lives through the power of story. Dan lives in Tipp City, OH with his wife, Amy, and has 3 year old twins.

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