Using Record/GoLive in ProPresenter 7 for your Online Stream

Steve Dirks

Pro-presenter 7 is a game-changer for lyric and graphic presentation in our churches today. The team at Renewed Vision have done an amazing job with enhancing the platform and also creating updates and new features. Some of our favorite features have been the ability to send Stream formatted content separate from in-room screen content. Also, the ANNOUNCEMENT layer is such a useful feature. The stage display is actually now a true stage display in that it can be formatted to show whatever you want it too. With all these features it was hard to think of what else we could want in this software.

Well I have to say the Renewed Vision team have released a brand-new update last week, 7.1. It’s hard to think about how an update can really be more than bug fixes and minor tweaks, but really this update adds another layer to this software.

I want to share with you a quick overview of how-to setup this feature. I won’t send a lot of time on this as Renewed Vision has created a tutorial video that is more in-depth and can help you with setting that up. Watch that video here!

The new Live/Recording feature shows up in the top right corner of ProPresenter under the MEDIA button.

Once you click on this option, a dialogue box opens with the following options.

Hitting START CAPTURE will just immediately start capturing your output screen with the default settings.

Selecting the CAPTURE SETTINGS will open up a settings box.

Here you can select
SOURCE: which screen you are capturing?
DESTINATION: is this recording to a disk or are you streaming this using a RMTP setup?
SAVE TO: where you want to save a file to on your machine?
CODEC: What recording format you want to use
RESOLUTION: the resolution of your stream
FRAME RATE: frame rate

If you select the RMTP destination you will have some different info to fill out:

Key here I think is that you can both stream and record to your computer.
The reason this feature is a game changer is that ProPresenter 7 already had the ability to add VIDEO INPUTS into your media library. With this feature you can in essence use ProPresenter 7 to create livestreams and use this app as an all in one switch and media server.

Here are a few ways that I see this being used.

1. You can record an output
If you are making content that is redone you can now use ProPresenter to route cameras into, overlay lyrics, graphics and anything you need and record one file coming out of that switch. This could be a game changer for saving your time on the post editing process.

2. You can livestream while also recording to your machine
I can see this being amazing for ONLINE CHURCH. Route your Program Feed and a camera on your online campus pastor and you can switch your own online church feed to your streaming provider. You could use this update to allow you to connect more closely with your online audience.

3. CODECS open up another amazing feature!
By allowing you to select a CODEC you can now record your output with an alpha channel. Whether you are MAC (PRO RES 4444) or PC (HAP ALPHA) you can do this now. This is amazing! Why do you ask?
In the past there have been times I wanted to create the lyric overlays and merge the song onto video. In the past to do this you have to do some sort of luma key. (Keying out the green, blue, or black background). Now you can record an alpha channel which means you can record transparent backgrounds.

So now you can record your song with lyrics and pop that video over top of your footage and you won’t have to worry about KEYING out a color and having to work to make that KEYING effect unnoticeable.

4. You could setup an Instagram Live Feed of your service
You can create a CUSTOM SIZE screen (format it to 1080×1920 for Instagram) and livestream content to your Instagram feed. Maybe your church won’t use this but could your Youth Ministry, Your Children’s Ministry, or maybe your Pastor’s for special events during the week.

I think the best thing about this Update is it opens up more uses for a platform that was already so useful. I love how the team at Renewed Vision is putting their minds around how we can create tools and options for churches to do better at reaching the people in their church with the technology they already have.


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