What Makes an Announcement Slide Design good?

Carl Barnhill

When designing Announcement Slides for your Pre and Post Service Loop, even if you are not a Designer, there are some things that are standard in the industry.

I’m not a designer” is not an excuse for poorly designed slides.

I’m going to walk you through a few industry standards to make you look like a pro!

This post will focus on the Programs to use to build your slides and some tips on what TO do.

Programs to Design Slides In:

I would suggest you create your Announcement Slides in one of 3 programs:
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Illustrator
– Your Presentation Software (I recommend ProPresenter, MediaShout, or EasyWorship)

How much is Photoshop and Illustrator? Where do I get it?
You can purchase Photoshop for as little as $21/mo or the Entire Adobe Suite for $79/mo
Adobe Plans & Pricing

Are you new at Photoshop or Illustrator?
Lynda.com is a great site to find Tutorials and Courses for beginners. Here are two specific classes I like Become a Graphic Designer & A Quick Start with Adobe Illustrator

So, what makes a Slide Design Good?

1. Font Choice

Your font choice is very important.

Here are some fonts that are on-trend and will work great for your slides:

1. Gotham
2. Avenir
3. Colfax
4. Helvetica
5. Nexa Bold or Light
6. Bodoni
7. Rockwell
8. Proxima Nova
9. Uni Sans
10. Garamond

2. Use High-Quality Photos

Preferably use photos of your church settings and people
– Resolution of Photos and Imagery = should be at least 1280×720
– If you are in need of high-quality photos that you don’t have to purchase a license to use, check out this list of nearly 100 great stock photo sites:

Notice the example below.
Notice how this photo is of high-quality and the text is minimal with only pertinent information.

3. Minimal Text and Colors

– Keep your text simple. Send people to a URL or to the Guest Services Desk for more information on your announcement
– Do not provide E-Mail addresses, or “find Susan for more information” type language

4. Use Complimentary Colors

– Use colors that allow your information to be easily readable (warm or minimal colors)

I hope these few tips will give you some things to stay away from when creating your Announcement Slides for your Worship Experience.

If you need help producing slides for your church, feel free to call us at 910-849-1230 or Submit your Project here, we would love to help you.

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