We helped our friends at the Assemblies of God by providing engaging graphics and video content for their Bible Engagement Project Curriculum.


We created graphics and video content for 12 full units of the Bible Engagement Project Curriculum for Year One. Below are samples of the visual media we produced for one unit of the Curriculum.

Main Series Design

Series Bumpers and Trailers

Series Design Collateral

Series Video Collateral

The Team at Church Visuals is a valuable partner of ours. They have helped us not only execute content but they have elevated and enhanced everything we have done visually. We love partnering with them, I like to call them our secret “weapons”. They will communicate with you and work to meet any timelines or goals you have all while working to keep the visual elements excellent and engaging. We are thrilled to have found Church Visuals and are grateful for their partnership in ministry together.

Julie Pratt

National Director of Children's Discipleship

Below are samples of the main graphic design for other units within the Bible Engagement Project Curriculum. We produced 12 full units in total for year one of their curriculum.

Main Series Designs


Your visuals matter because the Gospel matters. The goal of using visual media in your ministry is not just to save time or money or look great – though those are valuable. Visual media is a tool you can use to reach people for Jesus. Start a custom design or video project today and we’ll help you visually communicate the Gospel to your audience.