Browse 2,000+ Easter church graphics and videos to celebrate Easter at your church!

Easter is one of your church’s best opportunities to share the powerful story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Engage your congregation with compelling visuals that reflect the joy and significance of the Easter season.

Check out our massive library of ready-made Easter resources. All visuals are instantly downloadable for your adult, children’s and youth ministries.

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Free Easter Church Videos & Graphics

Make your Easter sermon series truly impactful with our free church Easter graphics, mini-movies, and social media content. These free resources for churches are designed to help you create a powerful and engaging experience for your congregation as you celebrate the profound meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection this Easter Sunday. Use the coupon codes provided to download free easter sermon series media.

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Ready-to-Use Easter Worship Videos

Easter is a unique opportunity to reach visitors who might not otherwise attend church regularly. That’s why it’s critical that your Easter church service helps attendees connect with the spiritual significance of Easter, while sparking connection, inspiration and encouragement. We thoughtfully craft each of our Easter church videos to give you tools to effectively communicate with and engage your congregation.

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Easter Sermon Series Media

Looking for Easter sermon series ideas? Use our Easter sermon graphics and videos to reveal the real meaning of the holiday: the incredible story of Jesus’ sacrifice, death, and resurrection. Share the good news of the empty tomb with your congregation, and what it means for us today, with powerful Easter sermon illustration imagery and video content. Our theme packs are collections of coordinating Easter motion graphics, countdowns, Easter worship backgrounds, and more.

Easter Videos for Church

Enhance your service with Easter worship videos. Create a profound worship experience with our ready-made content. Easter church mini-movies feature engaging visuals, thought-provoking messages, and relevant Bible verses. Easter sermon bumpers set the tone and build excitement for your upcoming service. Easter church countdown videos draw your congregation’s attention and create an atmosphere of anticipation.

Modern Easter Church Graphics

Effectively communicate the timeless message of resurrection and hope with church Easter graphics. We’ve designed and curated a collection of modern graphics that will resonate with diverse audiences and enhance the Easter worship experience.

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Easter Graphics for Church

We use a variety of styles and imagery on our premium Easter Sunday church graphics. Explore our extensive collection to find the right visual elements to convey the tone you want during your services.

Holy Week Church Media

Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, is a time of spiritual significance for Christians around the world. We take time to reflect on the central events of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, which form the foundation of our faith. Start with our visual media and motion graphics to tell the Easter story at your church.

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All Good Friday Content

Palm Sunday Videos for Church

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, remembering Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, where crowds greeted him with palm branches and shouts of “Hosanna!” Our collection of Palm Sunday church videos will focus your audience on the humility and majesty of Jesus during this important season. You can also find more Palm Sunday church graphics in our library.

Good Friday Videos

Good Friday holds solemn significance in the Christian faith, as we mark the crucifixion and death of Jesus on the cross. It is a day of deep reflection and reverence as believers contemplate the immense sacrifice made by Jesus for the forgiveness of sins. Create an impactful event around this occasion with Good Friday videos and graphics.

Easter Media for Children’s Church & Youth Ministry

Bring the Easter story to life with your kids and students! We’ve built graphics, videos, countdowns and games that are designed to captivate and teach young audiences. Share the joy and meaning of Easter, celebrating the life, death and resurrection of the Son of God in a way that resonates with children and teens. Let these tools help you create an exciting and impactful Easter experience that will leave a lasting impression on the young members of your church.

All Easter Media for Kids & Students

Easter Church Games

Fun Easter games for children’s church and youth groups offer engaging and interactive ways to teach kids and students about the significance of Easter while having fun. Explore themes of resurrection, new life, and Jesus’ sacrifice in age-appropriate ways with Easter games and activities.

Easter Videos for Children’s Church

Easter movies for children’s ministry infuse the Gospel with creativity and relevance, catering to the unique learning styles of younger audiences. We use animated storytelling, catchy music, and dynamic visuals to grab attention and convey key biblical truths to kids.

Easter Graphics for Kids & Students

Incorporating vibrant colors, contemporary design elements, and age-appropriate language, our videos and graphics resonate with young audiences. Foster a sense of excitement and curiosity about the Easter message with visual media that encourages reflection and discussion.

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Customize your Easter sermon series media.

It’s easy to customize our graphics or videos for your context. They come with editable design source files for use in Photoshop or Canva so you can easily change the text to fit your ministry.

Design Source Files

We include customizable Photoshop source files for all our graphics, allowing you the freedom to make edits tailored to your needs.

Canva Ready

Take any graphic from our collection and easily adjust or add text in Canva to customize it for your ministry.

Editable Layers

Our source files are structured for simple layer editing, enabling you to create your own graphics without requiring design expertise.

Need custom Easter graphics or videos for your church?

You may not have a creative team or you may have an in-house team that is overloaded. After all, Easter is one of the busiest times of year for most church staff! Our graphic design and video production team has years of experience helping ministry leaders tell the Easter story through visual media. Learn more about our custom graphic design and video services.