The Blackbar Podcast | Season 2 | Episode 24

Building Online Communities, Not Just Audiences with the Monochrome Podcast

Show Notes

Building Online Communities, Not Just Audiences with the Monochrome Podcast

The The Black Bar podcast hosts Zach, Caleb, and Nick discuss building online communities with Luke McElroy and JT Bowling from Salt Conference. They explore the origins of Black Bar and its connection to Salt.

The conversation begins with introductions and background on Salt Conference, a community for church creatives and technicians. Caleb recounts his transformative experience at Salt, which led to starting Black Bar. The podcast initially struggled with sustainability but found its footing through consistent content creation and community building.

The group discusses the importance of fostering genuine connections in online spaces. They emphasize the value of Discord for creating engaged communities, contrasting it with other social media platforms.

Next, they delve into the concept of digital missionaries and the potential for evangelism in online spaces. The hosts share personal experiences of naturally integrating faith discussions into gaming communities.

The conversation shifts to practical tips for churches and ministries looking to build online communities. They suggest using polls, asking questions, and creating low-barrier entry points for engagement.

Furthermore, they stress the importance of authenticity and treating online interactions similarly to in-person relationships. The hosts also highlight the need for intentionality and sustainability in community-building efforts.

Finally, they discuss the importance of adapting to different seasons in ministry and the value of building a supportive team. The episode concludes with encouragement for listeners to apply these principles in their own contexts, whether for church services or other ministry efforts.



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