The Connected Church News | Episode 201

Apple, Google, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Web3 // Week 2, Jun 2023

Show Notes

Top 5 Digital, Social Media & Web3 News in 5 mins (Week 2, Jun 2023).

Welcome to Connected Church News! This is a weekly news video for leaders and media teams of Churches, Ministries, Nonprofits, and Faith-based Social Ventures.

Apple, Google, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Web3 offer churches dynamic avenues to visually communicate the Gospel, engaging diverse audiences.

On Apple platforms, churches can leverage visually appealing content, utilizing the interface to captivate and connect with users seamlessly.

Google’s expansive reach and search capabilities aid in disseminating Gospel messages to seekers actively exploring spiritual content, widening the Gospel’s visibility.

WhatsApp’s interactive features enable churches to engage communities through direct communication, fostering discussions and sharing spiritual insights.

LinkedIn provides professional networks where churches can share impactful content, reaching individuals within professional circles, offering a unique avenue for Gospel visibility.

Web3’s emerging technologies allow for innovative storytelling methods, enhancing the visual communication of the Gospel in immersive and interactive ways.

Leveraging these platforms enables passive absorption and active engagement with the Gospel. Content shared across these mediums amplifies its reach, resonating with diverse audiences and leaving a lasting impact across digital landscapes.



A Weekly Show with the Top 5 News in 5 Mins – Digital, Social Media & Web3 News you need to know each week. Exclusively packaged for busy leaders of Nonprofits, Churches, Christian ministries, and Faith-based Organizations. Follow more to stay connected.

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In The Connected Church News Podcast, Natchi Lazarus shares Digital Marketing, Social Media & Web3 news, strategies, and tips. All for Nonprofits, Churches and Faith-based organizations.

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