Conversations with Kids Worship Leaders | Season 1 | Episode 2

A Conversation with Dave Ray

Show Notes

In this episode of Conversations with Kids Worship Leaders, Carl has a conversation with songwriter and worship leader Dave Ray from Doorpost Songs.

Dave and Jess Ray have created a powerful library of kids worship music that churches around the world have used to communicate the truths of God’s Word.

Churches globally use their resources to share God’s truths. Our Church Visuals team has partnered with Doorpost Songs, making engaging videos from their music.

Doorpost Songs began with unique kids music—catchy tunes, radio-quality production, lively kids’ voices worshipping, centered on God’s Word. They expanded, offering print music for choirs, lyric videos for kids’ worship, and family worship guides. Ultimately they believe that kids can learn God’s Word and memorize it, when it’s added into music.

Carl and Dave discuss making worship videos for kids and stress the significance of visuals in Kids Worship. Enjoy this conversation with Dave Ray.



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Conversations with Kids Worship Leaders is a limited series podcast where Carl Barnhill casually sits down with leading artists to discuss how they use visuals in kids worship.

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