The Kidmin Tribe Podcast | Episode 035

Ministering to Special Needs Families with Marie Kuck

Show Notes


One of the greatest needs our communities have is ministries to families with children who have special needs. What should a church be doing to reach this great need?

Well today we are welcoming Marie Kuck from Nathaniel’s Hope to the podcast. You are going to love Marie and the great insight she brings to this important ministry need. 

Marie Kuck is an ordained minister who previously served more than 10 years in youth ministry with churches in Chicago, Minneapolis and Orlando. As the Executive Director of Nathaniel’s Hope, she oversees the full-time ministry staff and hundreds of volunteers from throughout the country. Marie passionately advocates and trains churches how to practically welcome and include those with disabilities to their congregations. She is former co-host of the “Today’s Family” TV show and has taught in the Department of Communications at North Central University. She speaks to audiences throughout the country and is affectionately known as a “mom on a mission.” 


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