The Kidmin Tribe Podcast | Episode 029

Reaching Fatherless Families with Sean Teis

Show Notes


One of the biggest challenges we face in our country and in our local communities is fatherlessness. In our next podcast we dive into this topic and talk about how the local church can help tackle this issue and reach fatherless families.

We’re excited to have Sean Tiess. Since 2008, Sean, Jackie, and their family have been evangelizing & discipling fatherless families through speaking, creating unique resources, and partnering with local churches through Life Factors Fatherless Ministries. They have authored six books for fatherless families and similar situations. They have also developed for fatherless families, which also includes a mobile app. Sean has spoken on fatherlessness at a variety of events including conferences, colleges, and in 200+ churches throughout the United States. Recently they did a Hope for Fatherless America National Tour for three years ministering to the fatherless and teaching on fatherlessness in churches and other various events across the United States!

Sean grew up fatherless, he had a single mom, and his grandparents helped raise him. Despite his situation he became an ordained minister and has given his life to help other fatherless families succeed! Sean is a national speaker, an author, and he has held various ministry roles but all with a continual focus on fatherless family ministry. Sean is also an ordained minister and has served on staff and volunteered at various churches throughout the country.

You definitely don’t want to miss this podcast. It will give you some great resources to help and great ideas on how to reach fatherless families in your church and community.


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