The Kidmin Tribe Podcast | Episode 037

Doing Transitions Well with Sean Silverii

Show Notes


Today we welcome Sean Silverii on the podcast. Sean has served as a youth pastor as well as other pastoral roles in the church. Sean now serves the Oregon Ministry Network as the Gen Now leader focused on children and youth ministry. Sean will share some great insight on how to transition our kids and build a birth to adulthood game plan. Sean has 3 kids and lives in Albany, OR.  

The truth is we have to get transitions right when it comes to our children and youth ministries. There is a movement towards looking at birth to student ministries as one whole, instead of having silos in our kids and youth ministries. This movement has been coined “Gen Now Ministries.” One of the most important aspects of next gen ministries is smooth and intentional transitions. These transitions happen at key points in a child’s life and it’s important that we strategically walk alongside our kids as they transition. These transitions include: when a child moves from children’s ministry to youth ministry, and when a student moves from youth ministry into adulthood. 

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