The Kids Church Visuals Show with Sheik Mozart | Season 1 | Episode 5

Using Bumpers and Transitions in Kids Church with Corinne Noble

Show Notes

Get ready for a supercharged episode of “The Kids Church Visuals Show with Sheik Mozart“! Today, we’ve got the incredible Corinne Noble, aka KidMinCorinne, joining us to talk about Using Bumpers and Transitions in Kids Church.

She’s a whiz at creating awesome curriculum, a speaker, an author, and a children’s pastor rocking ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God. Her goal? Teaching kids all about Christ!

So, what’s the buzz about today? We’re diving headfirst into the universe of “Using Bumpers and Transitions in Kids Church.” Why are these visual elements so epic? They’re like the secret sauce that makes the Gospel pop for kiddos!

Now, Corinne’s the wizard here, sharing her bag of tricks honed from years in the ministry trenches. Get ready for the insider scoop on how to jazz up your sessions! We’re talking practical tips, crazy creative hacks, and stories that’ll make you go, “Aha!”

Whether you’re a kids’ ministry pro or a first-time volunteer, this episode’s your golden ticket to making the Gospel leap off the screen. So, buckle up and get ready to rock those bumpers and transitions like a boss, spreading the Gospel in ways that’ll blow those kiddos’ minds! 🚀✨



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