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5 MailChimp Hacks for Your Production Team with Jonathan Hawley

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As I’ve shared in previous blog posts and podcast episodes, setting your team up for success for Sunday is essential in creating a powerful experience on Sunday. MailChimp offers a great service that you can use to build e-mail campaigns, view reports, keep your roster up to date and more. Its a great tool for communicating with your production team. In this episode, Jonathan Hawley, Production Director at Newspring Church Lexington, SC shares 5 tools within MailChimp that will transform the way you use the service with your team.

You can start a MailChimp account at

Here is quick list of the MailChimp hacks Jonathan gives in this episode:

1. Utilize Groups and Custom Fields.
Break your team up into groups like: Audio, Lighting, Video, Load-In, Load-Out, Band etc. to send designated e-mails to custom groups.
Use Custom Fields to assign birthdays, address, and other custom information.

2. Segment Your Lists.
Easily create campaigns that break up your big list into little chunks to send designated e-mails to only the people that need to know that information.

3. Use the Import/Export Subscriber Feature.
Bring your list in and out of MailChimp using an Excel or .csv document with ease with this feature. Also use this feature in conjunction with apps like Eventbrite and others to save you time.

4. Automation.
Use the automation feature to check birthdays against today’s date to automatically send birthday e-mails. You can also use this feature with any custom field.

5. Useful Content is Key.
Don’t have the same content that says the exact same thing every week. Keep it short. Offer content in scannable bullet points and short paragraphs.


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