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7 Tips for Video Directors with Alex Sawyer

Show Notes

Show Notes:

This week on the show, we’ll be talking with Alex Sawyer. Alex is a tech director at a church and also runs The Production Pastor dot com – a great resource for you to gain some knowledge on church media – audio, lighting, video and more.

Alex and I will be chatting today about Tips for Video Directors. So if you have IMAG – Image Magnification at your church – which is technical lingo for Camera Shots on Screens – we’re talking today about the importance of Transitions, your lingo on your Comms, Framing and Composition, White Balance and more.

Get ready to dive into a quick masterclass on directing video at your church.

7 Tips for Video Directors

1. Transitions
How can we prepare for better transitions?
– Allowing people on stage to know what’s coming up next
– Rehearsing transitions ahead of time

2. Audio Levels
It is important to pay attention to audio levels when it comes to video directing

3. Comms Lingo
– Importance of good comms with your team
– Communicate concisely
– Define terms for your team

4. Framing and Composition
– Help teach your team the Rule of Thirds in a way your team can understand it
– Explain headroom, not too much, not too little
– Cut or Fade transitions?

5. White Balance and Color
– Achieve and accurate white balance and match colors in your worship spaces
– Color needs to be balanced between shots so it feels natural as they are cut together

6. Movement and Motion
– Start creating movement and motion in your shots
– Is there gear to help get more interesting shots?

7. How the Team Works Together
– When should a camera operator get a shot, when should that come from the director?
– Help empower camera operators to get creative shots
– Make sure you are still covering all areas of the stage and worship experience 


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