The Making Sunday Happen Podcast | Episode 044

Creating Media for the Church with Phil Vischer

Show Notes

Show Notes:

This week we are focusing on content and design. Very few people know more about creating content and designing for the church than VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer. Phil has been using media to reach families in the church for decades. He started VeggieTales in the early 90s and is now the creator of What’s in the Bible – a children’s series that teaches kids how the Bible came to be and what’s in it for them- recently featuring the grand adventures of Galaxy Buck.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Phil about his creative process of making computer-generated content, editing, producing, what gear he us, how he creates characters and voices, what his sets look like, and more. Jam-packed interview that I am so excited to share with you. If you create and design content for your church or you’re involved in the process of creating sermon series content, content for your children’s or student ministry, or other parts of your church, listen closely, because Phil gives tons of insights that you can implement at your church.

Sharable Content:

I want you to have the resources you need to lead your volunteer team well. That’s why in nearly every episode of the podcast I like to provide you with downloadable, sharable content that you can take back and use as you lead your teams. This content is absolutely FREE of charge. You can take it, copy it, and distribute it to your team members. May God bless your ministry as you serve Him.


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