The Making Sunday Happen Podcast | Episode 286

From Franchise to Local Dive – How to Multiply Your Church with Jason Moore and Rosario Picardo (Part One)

Show Notes

Show Notes:

Today on the show we welcome Jason Moore and Rosario Picardo – authors of the book From Franchise to Local Dive – How to Multiply your Church. They wrote this book and released it early last year and we were going to have them on but then the pandemic hit and we moved some things around. We did have Jason on and that was Episode 243 if you want to take a dive in the archives.

But we thought we would circle back and talk about this book From Franchise to Local Dive – the premise is to not be a cookie cutter church. Don’t expect to copy another church or even your own church if you’re starting another campus or church plant. Really look at how your church can minister to the community its in – so what does that look like when it comes to music, service flow, what creative elements we include in the Worship Experience and more.

We’ll also talk about how to take your Worship Experience beyond Sunday and ‘live in the city’ you’re in. We’ll dive into how to make your local body unique and memorable to your community.

That’s all coming up this week and next on the show.


– The book is for Church Leaders and congregations who may find themselves in a rut – using the same old ingredients for church week in, week out, what are some new and fresh ways to spruce things up? What are the fresh ingredients?

– How can a church be one of a kind, like a nice little “dive” to be discovered?

– Gone are the days of “if you build it, they will come.” Especially as our physical and digital presence is so important. So how can we be intentional about reaching our community?

– How can a church be less “cookie cutter” and more like a unique “dive” type of restaurant?

– Why is it important for churches to change up the menu an don’t offer the same exact thing week in and week out?

– So if we continue in the analogy, are Franchises (large established churches) “bad” and Dives (small and unique churches) “good?”

– Some important things a church should consider when adding campuses are:

    • Contextualization
    • Developing Leaders
    • Incarnational Ministry
    • Why do some satellite campuses from large churches fail?

– Andy Stanley once told church leaders: “What are you uniquely better at? Build your ministry around that.

    • What do you think about this quote?
    • What does this look like practically?

– What are some Core Strategies that Church Planters have come to value?

    • Reach
    • Connect
    • Form
    • Send

– If I’m a Church Plant Leader, how can I add flavor to my Worship Experience to reach the community I’m in?

    • Should the music look different?
    • Should the service flow look different?
    • How should I be aware of the neighborhood my church is in andflavor my experiences to that without watering down what we stand for?

– What are some ways we might configure our Physical Gatherings or our Online Gatherings to create a sense of community?

    • How can this apply to online services?
    • What are some ideas for Hosts and Welcome Teams online?


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