The Making Sunday Happen Podcast | Episode 025

How Lifepoint Church Develops a Sermon Series with Chad Collins

Show Notes

Show Notes:

In this episode I welcome a good friend of mine – Chad Collins from Lifepoint Church in Nashville, TN. Lifepoint has 5 campuses across the country and around the world. 3 campuses across Smyrna and Mufreesboro TN, one campus in Brussels, Belgium and one in Bangkok, Thailand. Chad serves as a Graphic Designer and Production Lead and is one of the mastermind Creatives behind some very innovative stuff that Lifepoint is putting out. We spent time walking through how Lifepoint develops a sermon series.

Chad and I discussed the answers to these questions and more:

1. How far out is the planning of each series?

2. What do your first planning meetings about upcoming series look like?

3. How much information does your senior pastor give you?

4. When do you start formulating creative elements?

5. What do brainstorm sessions with your creative team look like? Who is involved?

6. How long do you usually have to create special media elements for each series?

7. Who creates your sermon graphics? What’s that process look like?

8. How many drafts do you go through? Who approves it?

9. Production – if you shoot something or outsource something, who jumps into the process when?

10. What media content do you produce for a series. What’s your project list?

11. How long does a typical series at Lifepoint last?

12. How do you distribute all your content to your other campuses? How about your international campuses in Brussels and Bangkok?

Sharable Content:

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