The Making Sunday Happen Podcast | Episode 404

Using ChatGPT and AI Tools for Ministry PART ONE with Alex Lyons

Show Notes

Show Notes:

We are starting a 4 Part Series on ChatGPT and AI Tools for Ministry.

We recently released a bonus episode of the podcast with Rob Laughter and Jason Moore recently as we discussed MidJourney and AI Imagery. Give that a listen if you are interested in that topic.

Originally we were going to have several folks together in one episode to talk about ChatGPT, but the content is so rich that we decided to split it up into 4 episodes – we’re going to do a deep dive into what ChatGPT is, and some effective and unique ways to use it for Ministry.

We’ll have Alex Lyons on today, then we’ll have Ryan Frank from KidzMatter, then our friend Kenny Jahng, and we will conclude the series with a bonus episode with Dustin Stout and talk about his new tool that gives ChatGPT superpowers.

So today, we’ve got Alex Lyons. Alex is the Creative Director at the South Carolina Baptist Convention – Alex and Carl do several state events together with the convention.

We’re going to talk very elementary when it comes ChatGPT and define some terms but also talk through how they are using it with great effect at the SC Baptist Convention – mainly, how they are being able to produce a mountain of additional content at lighting speeds.

Also we’ll talk through several other AI tools Alex and his team are using.


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