ProPresenter Power Talks | Episode 14

Announcements Screens

Show Notes

Thanks for joining ProPresenter Power Talks. On this episode of the show our hosts talk all about announcement screens.

Steve and his co-host Sheik kick things off this episode discussing the announcement feature in ProPresenter. First, Steve explains how to access the announcement layer in ProPresenter, which allows you to dedicate a screen to only show specific content. The, he walks through setting up the physical screen configuration and creating a custom look with the announcement layer enabled for that screen.

He then shows how to create an announcements presentation playlist that will loop continuously on the dedicated announcement screen. He shows importing slide content, setting slide timers, and configuring the playlist to loop. Meanwhile, you can run a separate presentation on the main screens without the announcements.

The hosts discuss potential uses for the announcements feature. For example, running announcements or welcome content on lobby TVs while the service presentation runs in the auditorium. Or displaying kids’ content or connection info on the announcement screen. Steve also covers setting up vertical or unique resolution screens.

Additionally, they mention advanced setups like using NDI to output the announcement layer to multiple screens from one computer. Finally, the hosts encourage churches to creatively use available technology to effectively communicate and accomplish their ministry goals.

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