ProPresenter Power Talks | Episode 18

Team Workflow and Controlling Multiple Computers with Master Control

Show Notes

ProPresenter Power Talks this week is covering Team Workflow and Controlling Multiple Computers with Master Control in ProPresenter.

Jonathan Perez, Media Director at Faith Assembly in Orlando, joins the PropPresenter Power Talks hosts. He discusses his 14-year journey in the church, starting in graphic design and now overseeing audio, video, lighting, and design.

Jonathan emphasizes the importance of team communication and collaboration. Consequently, he shares how they use the table group model to guide meetings and resolve conflicts quickly.

The conversation covers Faith Assembly’s technical setup, including their use of three PropPresenter machines for redundancy. Jonathan explains their workflow across multiple campuses and how they handle unexpected issues during services.

They also delve into the transition from ProPresenter 6 to 7, discussing challenges and workarounds. Of course our guest highlights the importance of thorough testing and not rushing to update software unnecessarily.

The discussion then turns to hardware choices. Jonathan advises on selecting appropriate equipment based on specific needs rather than always opting for the most expensive options.

In the end, they explore the value of cross-team collaboration between design and technical teams. Jonathan stresses the importance of explaining technical concepts to non-technical team members.

Throughout the conversation, Jonathan emphasizes the ultimate goal: effectively communicating the gospel visually each week. His insights provide valuable lessons for churches looking to enhance their production quality and teamwork.

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