The Youth Room Podcast | Season 1 | Episode 19

Amazing Bass, How Sweet the Sound

Show Notes

Episode 19: Worship through music! It’s honestly probably one of the harder things to pull off during a worship experience. Especially if you aren’t a musician or don’t have a background in sound or playing an instrument.

At the same time it can feel like an expectation to include a time of worship, and truthfully students do love this part of our services.

So what can we do to start, improve and make the most of our musical worship times in the youth room?

Check out this episode for some thoughts and insights from us!

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The Youth Room Podcast is a legacy show for youth pastors, youth workers and anyone involved in student ministry. With their humor and unique style, veterans Trevor Miller and Daniel "stallion" Stevanus offer practical advice to help you produce powerful student worship experiences at your church.

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