Unboxing Your Series Media with Trevor Miller | Season 1 | Episode 10

Glow in the Dark

Show Notes

Pastors, ministry leaders and creatives, unlock the potential of “Glow in the Dark” media collection for transformative sermons.

Miracles, healing, restoration—experience these wonders through our 4-week series. Believing in miracles is paramount; let this series amplify that faith. The collection, encompassing sermon graphics, countdown timers, bumpers, trailers, and diverse visuals, stands ready to elevate your message.

Incorporate the Miraculous Power of God into your sermons seamlessly with customizable graphics. The sermon series graphic sets the tone, drawing believers into the extraordinary. The countdown timer ensures a smooth transition, building anticipation. Engage your congregation with captivating trailers and bumpers that echo the profound nature of Jesus’ miracles.

Extend the conversation beyond the pulpit with compelling social media graphics. Motion backgrounds add a dynamic visual layer to your message. Edit graphics effortlessly to align with your unique context and style. “Glow in the Dark” empowers leaders to convey the enduring relevance of miraculous power, making every sermon a transformative experience. Embrace the extraordinary and let the miracles of Jesus resonate in your ministry.

Trevor unpacks Glow in the Dark it and gives helpful tips on how to implement this series in the full episode.



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Unboxing Your Series Media with Trevor Miller is a podcast for pastors who want to use visual media to enhance your sermons. We dive into our favorite sermon series media collections from Church Visuals. Discover new media assets you can use to capture audience attention and convey your message more effectively.

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