Unboxing Your Series Media with Trevor Miller | Season 1 | Episode 8

Summer Roadtrip – A Journey through the Bible

Show Notes

Ministry leaders, embark on an enriching experience with our series media, “Summer Roadtrip – A Journey through the Bible.

This comprehensive collection features a captivating sermon series graphic, a versatile five-minute countdown timer video, a compelling sermon bumper video, engaging series trailers, adaptable motion backgrounds, and impactful social media graphics.

Effortlessly tailor these visuals to resonate with your unique context. Empower your congregation to join the journey through major stories in Scripture. The Bible, an incredible journey from beginning to end, unfolds through this Series Media.

This 4-week collection provides a seamless tool for ministry leaders to guide their church on an immersive exploration of major biblical events. Edit the graphics effortlessly to align with your ministry’s distinct focus, enhancing the impact of your teachings. Take your congregation on a captivating road trip through the Bible, uncovering its rich narrative and timeless wisdom. Let “Summer Roadtrip” be your vehicle for fostering a deeper understanding and connection with the sacred journey laid out in the Scriptures.

Watch as Trevor un packs Summer Roadtrip and gives helpful tips on how to implement it in your context by watching the full episode.



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Unboxing Your Series Media with Trevor Miller is a podcast for pastors who want to use visual media to enhance your sermons. We dive into our favorite sermon series media collections from Church Visuals. Discover new media assets you can use to capture audience attention and convey your message more effectively.

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