Unboxing Your Series Media with Trevor Miller | Season 1 | Episode 1

Parables – Stories from the Master

Show Notes

Welcome to our first episode of Unboxing your Series Media!

The first series collection we want to look at is called “Parables – Stories From The Master.” Parables is focused on a captivating journey where you will unpack the timeless wisdom and profound truths found in Jesus’ many parables, gaining insights into the Kingdom of God and discovering practical applications for our lives today. All of Jesus’ parables are image based… each one utilizing common visuals from everyday life. Stories of sheep, bread, coins, farmers, and fishing nets, each one offering life changing insight from the scriptures.

Parables – Stories from the Master” is a rich media collection perfect for elevating your church sermons. With a countdown, bumper video, trailers, motion backgrounds, editable designs, and social media graphics, it’s a complete package.

Start your service with the countdown, setting the tone. Use the bumper video to grab attention and introduce the sermon theme smoothly. The trailers can tease upcoming messages, sparking interest.

Enhance your message with motion backgrounds, adding visual depth. Customize designs to fit your church’s style. Share social media graphics to extend your sermon’s impact online.

Integrate these resources into your services, youth groups, or discussions to present timeless teachings in a modern way. “Parables – Stories from the Master” is a potent tool, connecting ancient wisdom with today’s world. It’ll deepen connections and understanding in your community, making sermons more engaging and accessible.

Watch the full episode and watch Trevor break it down for you.



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