Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill | Season 1 | Episode 9

Are Ready-Made Church Visuals worth the money?

Show Notes

Welcome to this episode of Your Visuals Matter! Today, we dive into the realm of Ready-Made Church Visuals and explore the question: Are they worth the money?

Ready-Made Church Visuals encompass Mini-Movies, Packs, Countdowns, Graphics, and other pre-made media content that can be used as-is or slightly edited for context. Unlike Custom Visuals unique to a specific church, Ready-Made options are widely shared among hundreds or even thousands of churches.

In this episode, we break down the cost of different media types and discuss why investing in high-quality Ready-Made visuals might be beneficial for your church or ministry.

Our guest, Curtis Fahrlender, Lead Pastor at First Baptist Church Pinetop Arizona, shares insights into how he leverages Ready-Made Media, including Series Media, Mini-Movies, Packs, Countdowns, and more, to enhance the worship experience and visually communicate the truths of God’s Word.

Additionally, we hear from Matt McMorris, Lead Pastor at Grace Valley Church. This is a relatively new church plant. Matt provides valuable perspectives on whether Ready-Made Visuals are a worthy investment.

So tune in for a thought-provoking conversation on the role and impact of Ready-Made Church Visuals in today’s ministry landscape!



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Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill is a weekly podcast for ministry leaders who want to use the power of visual media to effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We cover how to incorporate church graphics and video into your church or ministry. From creativity in the Church to how to choose and use your presentation software and more.

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