Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill | Season 2 | Episode 2

Creating Custom Content for Churches and Ministries

Show Notes

In this episode of the Your Visuals Matter Podcast we’re talking about creating Custom Content for Churches and Ministries. Specifically we’re diving into moving from Ready-Made visuals to crafting custom graphics and videos for your church.

First, the team at Church Visuals highlights the importance of using video, as 85% of Millennials make purchasing decisions after watching videos. Then, we discuss why it’s valuable to create custom visuals tailored to your church’s specific vision and audience.

Additionally, we walk through their creative processes from concept to final product. The team explains the various tools we use like After Effects, Photoshop, and AI video generators. We emphasize the need for good communication between designers and video producers. For example, designers should set up project files with layers to enable smooth handoffs.

Our guests also cover typical turnaround times, stressing that allowing projects to “marinate” leads to better results.

Ultimately, the team expresses their joy in crafting visuals that effectively and excellently communicate the gospel. Our desire is to serve churches by creating compelling custom content. In conclusion, this episode provides helpful insights for ministries considering investing in custom graphics and videos.

We think you’ll be encouraged by this conversation.



  • Custom media allows churches to tailor their visuals to their specific vision and congregation
  • Crafting custom sermon series artwork and graphics helps communicate the message more effectively
  • Using custom media can create a more engaging and inclusive worship experience
  • The involvement of the Holy Spirit is crucial in creating visuals that convey the message of Jesus
  • Tools like Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and third-party plugins enhance the creative process in video production. Custom visuals play a crucial role in effectively communicating the message of the gospel in church and ministry settings
  • Collaboration between designers and video producers is essential for creating impactful visuals
  • Effective communication and attention to detail are key in the design process
  • High-quality visuals help connect with the audience and create a memorable experience
  • Excellence in visual storytelling demonstrates the importance of the message being communicated



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