Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill | Season 1 | Episode 21

Enhancing your Sermon Series Visuals

Show Notes

We have another episode of the Your Visuals Matter Podcast. We are going to discuss today enhancing your sermon series visuals. We’re talking with Kevin Weirs, Director of Awesomeness at iTeachChurch, shares his journey from designer to ministry leader. He delves into the significance of visual media in enhancing sermon series and engaging congregations.

Kevin emphasizes repurposing visual media across platforms, advocating for maximizing their impact. He offers practical insights into crafting title graphics, lower thirds, and countdowns, stressing their role in church communication.

We explore the value of pre-made series packages and the investment in quality visuals for effective gospel communication. Kevin highlights the importance of motion backgrounds and sermon bumpers in enriching worship experiences.

From social media to print materials, Kevin discusses the versatility of visual media in church outreach. He underlines the need for churches to embrace high-quality visuals to connect deeply with their community.

Join us as we uncover the transformative power of visual media in conveying the timeless message of the gospel. Tune in to gain practical tips and inspiration for leveraging visuals in your ministry journey.



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Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill is a weekly podcast for ministry leaders who want to use the power of visual media to effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We cover how to incorporate church graphics and video into your church or ministry. From creativity in the Church to how to choose and use your presentation software and more.

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