Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill | Season 1 | Episode 15

Getting the Most out of Church Countdown Videos

Show Notes

Join Carl for this new episode of Your Visuals Matter. Today he is talking with Ben Stanley about Getting the Most out of Church Countdown Videos. In this enlightening conversation they delve into the pivotal role of video in church settings, with a special focus on countdown videos. These versatile tools, as they highlight, offer more than just a ticking clock—they serve as dynamic previews of the church experience, bridging the gap between physical and online spaces.

Uncover the myriad possibilities of countdown videos, from interactive elements like trivia questions and cultural content to showcasing various ministries and engaging the congregation. Carl and Ben stress the importance of leveraging countdowns to amplify authenticity and address skepticism within the church community.

The countdown videos aren’t just about timekeeping—they’re an opportunity to maximize the impact of other video content. Whether it’s announcements, promotional videos, or messages from pastors, integrating these elements into countdowns enhances their reach and effectiveness.

So, as you consider your countdown strategy, think beyond mere numbers on a screen. Strategically infuse creativity and communication into your countdown videos, leveraging them as powerful tools to engage, inform, and inspire your congregation.

Tune in and discover how to creatively communicate more than just time with your countdown videos.



  • Video is a compelling and memorable form of communication that combines visuals, audio, and storytelling.
  • Countdown videos can be used to engage and inform both physical and online audiences.
  • Countdown videos provide a preview of the church experience and can be used to showcase authenticity and address skepticism.
  • Countdown videos can be adapted to include additional content such as trivia, quotes, announcements, and prayer requests.
  • The shelf life of a countdown video depends on its content and whether it is ready-made or custom-made.
  • The ideal length for a countdown video is typically around one minute for online use, while ready-made videos can be used for longer periods.



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