Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill | Season 2 | Episode 7

How Answers in Genesis is Taking VBS and Curriculum More Digital

Show Notes

In this episode, Carl interviews Stacia and Dan about how Answers in Genesis is taking VBS and Curriculum more digital. Our guests share about their experience with creating custom media for Vacation Bible School (VBS).

They discuss the importance of custom media in effectively communicating the gospel message and engaging children. Also during this conversation, they highlight the challenges and pain points in the creative process, such as ensuring biblical accuracy and addressing denominational differences.

Stacia and Dan share success stories of children being impacted by the VBS programs and emphasize the value of custom media in reaching and teaching kids. Because ultimately, we know, that Your Visuals Matter. So check out how Answers in Genesis is taking VBS and Curriculum more digital.



  • Custom media is worth the investment for churches and ministries looking to enhance their visual media and effectively communicate their message
  • Creating custom media allows for greater control over the content and ensures biblical accuracy
  • Custom media can have a lasting impact on children, helping them remember and apply the teachings of the Bible
  • Addressing denominational differences and being sensitive to various beliefs and practices is important when creating custom media
  • Success stories from churches using custom media for VBS include children being saved, growing in their faith, and being equipped to engage with the culture



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