Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill | Season 2 | Episode 8

How High Voltage Kids Curriculum Uses Custom Visual Media

Show Notes

New episode of Your Visuals Matter with our friend Brian Dollar about how High Voltage Kids curriculum uses Custom Visual Media.

Brian is the founder of High Voltage Kids Ministry, and he discusses the importance of custom media in children’s ministry. He emphasizes the need for visually engaging and interactive media to capture kids’ attention and help them connect with the message of the Gospel. He also highlights the value of quality visuals and the impact they have on kids’ perception of the content.

Ultimately he shares insights into the process of creating custom media, including the importance of planning ahead and involving a creative team. He also encourages children’s ministry leaders to enhance their visual media to create a more immersive and impactful experience for kids.



  • Custom media in children’s ministry helps capture kids’ attention and engage them in the message
  • Visuals should be visually appealing, interactive, and relevant to the topic being taught
  • Planning ahead and involving a creative team can lead to higher quality and more impactful media
  • Quality visuals are important as kids can recognize and appreciate well-produced content
  • Custom media enhances the overall experience and helps reinforce the teaching
  • How High Voltage Kids Curriculum Uses Custom Visual Media



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