Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill | Season 1 | Episode 20

How to Use Sermon Bumper Videos

Show Notes

Join us in this insightful conversation on the Your Visuals Matter Podcast. We are talking about how to use sermon bumper videos with Daniel Gregory as he delves into the profound impact of video in church planting and marketing. With a keen focus on authenticity, Daniel underscores the necessity of striking a balance between raw, unfiltered content and polished production in videos.

Exploring the realm of sermon bumpers, Daniel sheds light on their purpose and influence. These short video clips serve as crucial transitional elements, adeptly setting the stage for themes or topics within a church service. Moreover, they extend beyond mere transitions, doubling as potent marketing tools and packaging for sermon series.

Throughout our discussion, the significance of video emerges as a formidable tool for audience engagement and connection. However, our conversation doesn’t stop there.

Daniel shifts gears to explore the role of prayer as a transition within church services. He cautions against trivializing prayer by reducing it to a mere transitional element, advocating instead for its preservation as a sacred and impactful practice.

Moreover, we delve into the intricacies of crafting compelling sermon bumpers. Daniel emphasizes the importance of captivating, well-produced clips that resonate with both churchgoers and newcomers alike.

Themes and branding take center stage as Daniel unpacks their significance in the context of sermon series. He stresses the necessity of tailoring bumpers to suit the audience, ensuring they effectively communicate the gospel message.

As our conversation unfolds, the power of visual storytelling in conveying the gospel through art and video content becomes abundantly clear. Join us as we navigate the intersection of faith, technology, and creativity with Daniel Gregory.



  • Video is a powerful tool in church planting and marketing
  • Authenticity is key in video content, and a balance between raw and polished videos is important
  • Sermon bumpers serve as transitional elements, setting the stage for a message and creating a smooth transition in the worship experience
  • Sermon bumpers also function as marketing material, creating excitement and generating interest in sermon series. Prayer should not be reduced to a transition element in church services. It is a powerful and reverent practice that should be treated with reverence and sincerity
  • Sermon bumpers play a crucial role in setting the stage for the message and creating a seamless transition. They should be compelling, well-produced, and engage both churchgoers and non-churchy people
  • Themes and branding are important in sermon series as they provide handles for people to grab onto and help create a sense of identity and expectation. Well-branded series and bumpers can attract and retain the interest of the audience
  • When creating sermon bumpers, it is essential to consider the target audience and ensure that the content is accessible, compelling, and free from internal church speak
  • Visuals matter in communicating the gospel as they can be modern-day parables. High-quality and well-produced visuals can attract and engage people, making the gospel message more accessible and impactful
  • The church should reclaim art and creativity as tools for spreading the gospel. By creating excellent and compelling art, the church can shape culture and draw people to the beauty of God



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